Welcome to Sunni Welfare Committee

Sunni welfare committee is a social organization registered under Madhya Pradesh Act 1973 (Year 1973, Sr. No. 44).


Working Approach and Values

Our major aim is to transfer “Zakaat, Sadqaat, Imdaad and Atiyaat” of capable people to the actual needy people”


SWC is a social organization registered under Madhya Pradesh Act 1973 (Year 1973, Sr. No. 44). SWC head quarter is situated at the heart of the city at Jawahar Marg, Indore M.P., Commanding is centralized and all operations are done from head quarters. Sunni Welfare Committee serving country and society from 2011. Our Registration no 03/27/03/15343/12



Sunni welfare committee acts as an intermediator between people who wants to help and people who wants help. We connect both the category with each other. Everyone has a feeling to give something to their society but in this busy era no one has time to go and reach to the person living somewhere deep and outreach. Considering all the issues we develop ourselves as consultant who can guide for the right and sustainable charities.


“Every great change needs a great revolution” SWC is working in four major sectors Education, Health, Employment and Social Activities under these four sectors various projects are running successfully. Our target is to perform sustainable projects with both need based approach and right based approach


Our major aim is to transfer “Zakaat, Sadqaat, Imdaad and Atiyaat” of capable people to the actual needy people” Our team value is “Join Heartily Work Professionally” and by considering this value and following the corporate culture we are running this charitable organization with higher proficiency and heart values SWC assures the delivery of even 1 Rs to the right hand and our USP is our transparency . All the project data maintain and other working are done by our own customized software and application through which we have develop the techno culture in this field. Our major working area is Indore District Madhya Pradesh around 700 active volunteers are working under different projects, we are expanding the SWC model to different districts of Madhya Pradesh and other states too. We are empowering the small social group and organization and making them to work as per our ethics and protocols. We believe in the Concrete work, not in increasing number that is why the data we are mentioning in this site is of 2016-17




Doston kisi ne khoob kaha hai





Yahan har shaks khud ke liye jee raha hai aur jeena bh chahiye lekin agar hame insaan banaya hai to insaan ki sifat alag hai use khud ke saath dusro ka bh khayal rakhna zaruri hai par is dunyavi daud me ham ye pehloo bhool chuke hai, aaj ham sirf tanz karte hai ki muashra kharab hai lekin use sudharne ke liye aage nahi badte.

Sunni welfare committee ek aisa platform hai, jahan ham har us nek soch ko mumkin bana sakte hai, jo ham apne zehen me rakhte hai…, aap apne office, ghar ya dukaan se baith kar koso meel door ek bachche ki taleem ko mukammal kar sakte hai, ek boodi maa, jiska koi sahara nahi uska sahara ban sakte hai, kisi ko rozgaar dilwa sakte

to aaye ham milkar kuch aisi koshishe kare jisse ham rab ke saamne jab khade ho to use keh sake ki Baari taala hamne tere bando ke liye kuch to kiya tha




As per our analysis many organizations are facing the issues of manpower, they did not get skilled employee and on the other hand there are various skilled, educated and potential people who are not getting right platform to show their skill and performance.
So we have started a project under our employment section named Jobs4u, it is very much similar to job consultancy, We have Collaborated with more than 21 organizations small and big and started collecting vacancies from them, We circulate the information for all the vacancies and collects resume. After collecting the resume we screen candidates and send for the interviews if we found them unskilled we train them for computer skill and personality development under our computer and Personality Development Classes.
Our candidates are placed in Flipkart, Pakiza Indore, Zeba Kids, Bombay disposal, Saify Hotel, I.Z Industries, I.P Real State, Multani Motors, Asrafi industries and various other organizations.


People who have crossed their age to seek education have no option to work as an employee or to run small business but since due to lack of education they don’t get growth in both the terms so basically this project empowers capable people for small scale business or micro business.
A format has been set up for small scale project which includes Execution, Operation and marketing under some protocols person has to sell his product with the brand name of Zariya, Product could be any food material, Daily use plastic item or any other which can be consider being profitable.
In order to make project sustainable there are certain condition under which SWC sanctions the project.

  • Person has to inform about weekly business he has done.
  • He/she has to face the vigilance.
  • Guarantor should be in every project so that person cannot misuse of our product.
  • Person cannot sell or handover our product to any other person if he or she does so SWC has the right to take back his or her sanctions.

“Protocols and regulation are all meant for the development of needy.”
Projects recently launched: Vegetable Cart, Biryani Station, Fruit Cart, and Sewing Machine for women.,


Zariya“Women Empowerment Program”

"Zariya is not only restricted to men empowerment but majorly working for women empowerment. Women are not coming out of the society to work because of many obvious reason but earning is still very important for them considering all the issues, We planned a program in which we provides the earning near to their homes maintaining the environment suitable for their working.
With the collaboration of “Ifza Welfare society” we have set up a training institute for tailoring with high skilled trainers around 16 commercial sewing machine installed in the institute and till now 180 Women got trained from this institute till now talking about the earning those who wants to earn from home we provide them individual machine and Ifza welfare started to bring jobs for the trainees in institute.
Institute is in Azad Nagar, Indore (Madhya Pradesh), We are planning 2nd institute in Chandan Nagar, Indore.

Jobs fare:

It’s a major platform for both employer and employee, where both can meet each other as per their requirements. Fare is an open field for the job seeking aspirants to choose their company according to their qualification and interest.
Recently we have organized a job fare with the collaboration of AMP and splash consultancy where more than 10 companies have participated and more than 300 aspirants enrolled for interview out of them 150 got offer letters. Sunni welfare committee was event partner in this fare.
Now we are trying to associate with bigger consultancy forums, which work in every sector and in larger volume.


Art Classes:

"SWC art classes is  dedicatedly started for the women empowerment ,today art is priceless thing which can make any individual empowered, so for females who are not well educated can learn different kinds of arts for their earnings.
Jasmine art classes which is very well known for Mehendi art associates with Sunni Wellfare Committee to train and provides employment to capable and needy women, Jasmine art classes has a huge team of such females who are regularly getting employment from this art, so with the joint efforts classes has been started at Zeenat public school, Khajrana, Indore.


Education is the most important factor for the development of any society so having an AIM of no illiteracy existence we have started a reform with the Slogan... “Mission 2025 - Sab Pade Sab Bade” Under this program Sunni Welfare Committee majorly works for the awareness and importance of education.

Computer classes:

A famous saying “Food, Shelter and Clothing are the Basic Need” but we believe that for better survival we should include education in this ,since education is vast ocean and there are various streams in it and one of the important stream is computer Education.
Computer knowledge has become very essential in every sector weather it may be corporate, technical studies, Govt. sector or any other small or large scale industries Sunni Welfare Committee have started a training program for basic computer education, MS Office, Tally, Corel Draw, Internet, Hindi English typing etc under very nominal fee structure.
A Well equipped lab has been set up at our headquarter and highly trained faculty is available from 9AM to 6PM. Computer Class is linked with Jobs4u student who got trained in class will get enrolled in jobs4u and then Employment division arrange interviews as per his/ her caliber.

Competitive classes:

“If you want to serve through the system you have to be in the system”, here system means government body of country, unless you will not make your presence in the system you will not get aware of numerous benefits which government offers, and above all being in the system enables us to serve for our country. It could be Police dept., Railway, Defense, Administration, PSU etc.
So Sunni Welfare Committee introduced common competitive classes with the collaboration of well known coaching institute of Madhya Pradesh… Vedanta Institute. Dedicated and well trained teachers for every subject providing their best services in classes, it covers all the subject up to a certain level, you can consider the level is equivalent to state PSC, Course duration is of 3 Month and Sunni Welfare Committee charges only 500/-.
Currently class is running in I.K. boy’s school Chawni from 5pm to 7pm per batch contains 30 students.

SCW - School Co-ordination Wing:

School coordination wing is a branch of Sunni Welfare Committee which works specifically for schools there are certain programs which SCW Promotes and work.
#Coordination –
A dedicated person surveys all school and collects the data then as per the requirement and necessity of school SCW works for lessoning, management, administration, Human resources, Organizational behavior and others aspects.scw targets the empowerment of schools


Facing exam is really a very tough job it brings stress, fear, and tension etc and students in a small age group does not have the capacity to manage all these things with studies so Inspiro is program which teaches student that exam is an opportunity and how to get away from exam phobia .It develops the confidence of student which enhances the performance.
Training session is conducted by Mr. Abu Backer Siddique Noorani (Director Taiba Edu Group) and a Great Scholar Mr. M.K Mustafa (Director Pakiza Edu Group) great motivator.
This session SCW have conducted 4 programs under which thousands of students attended the session and they found a great change in their lives.

Career Guidance:

“Choosing Right Path Is One Of The Key To Success” What to choose, how to choose, and choice is suitable or not, these are some of the basic question student faces after their 10th and 12th. sunni welfare committee from past two years running this program from its headquarter ,every year we organizes individual counseling program where student get all the knowledge about every stream.
Now this program will be run by SCW with new methods and programs

Govt. Benefits:

Government offers numerous benefits for students and one of the major beneficial programs is scholarship program offered by minority affairs, state Government, and central, So SCW started awareness program for making people aware of benefits of scholarship and also help them to complete the formalities.
Every year thousands of students gets benefit from this campaign apart from this we also circulate the information for Right to education and how to apply for it.

Personality development:

A person's personality is important as it distinguishes him from other individuals and inspires others to follow him as a leader. Personality development helps an individual to live with a positive attitude towards life and reduces stress.
Personality development is gaining so much importance, that today, offices stress on motivation and personality development almost as much as the work structural requirements of the office. Personality development is important in any environment. At office: Personality development is essential, because with the right personality and social skills, one can interact effortlessly and well with colleagues and team-participation becomes simpler, as everyone dwells into matters with positive approaches, due to the personality development.
SCW working on personality development for the job aspirants to groom their confidence level ,aspirants those who are enrolled for job gets individual training and counseling for personality development that includes behavior, speaking, attitude and self motivation


Edu-help is a smart charity investment plan for those who want their charity to be invested for education. Sunni welfare committee launched this project to help children for education, under this project student gets help for fees, courses, and educational kits.
5000/- per annum is a sponsorship amount then as per the sponsors desire we design the package like 10 edu kit of worth Rs.500/- can be given to 10 needy children or school yearly tuition fee can be paid for 1 child or course can be distributed .
So it is a mode of regulating zakat into genuine hands for education. Sunni welfare committee maintains the transparency we present all the record related to the student if fees is paid or details of the beneficiaries is provided if any distribution is done under package.

Teachers Training:

“Teachers are the gardener who nourishes a small plant into a big fruitful tree.”
Since Teachers are the major role playing category for the development of entire generation but they too need training for knowing various skills in teaching. So with the association of Markaz Kerela SCW organizes teachers training program specially for the schools situated in slum areas Mr.M.K Mustufa (Director Pakiza Edu Group) and Mr. Abubacker Siddique Noorani (Taiba Edu Group) conducts training program and improves the teaching skills of teachers.


Medical Camps

Health is wealth is a universal truth, today government is already launching various projects and health schemes to prevent malnutrition and diseases but due to lack of awareness people are not getting benefits from these schemes so Sunni Welfare Committee collaborates with Government body, Charitable hospitals and Doctors and organizes medical health camp of various specialty in slums.


Diabetes Camp


ENT Camp


Eye Camp


Khatna camp


General Camp


Dental Camp


SWC Shifa Charitable Clinic:

Sunni Welfare Committee has four clinics in major slum areas where highly experienced doctors are serving for two hours daily.
Sunni Welfare Committee provides free medicine and doctor consultation in just Rs.5/- Clinic is very specific for the treatment of primary diseases and allergy.

Cataract Elimination:

Cataract is very common problem in our country people often indulge into this problem after a specific age not only this as the diabetes is a very common disorder in our country and the diabetic person is very much probe to get cataract in their eyes.

Sunni welfare committee collaborated with the well known NABH approved Hospital name Indore Eye Hospital having motive to eliminate cataract from society

Because of lack of awareness poor does not care for their cataract which lead themselves into blindness so SWC and IEH extracted the solution to cure for this is we link all the general practitioners of slum areas and trained them to screen cataract and after finding positive signs they refer the patient and needy will be operated for free by Indore Eye Hospital also we organizes camps in different area for finding cataract patients.



T.B Health Survey:

Tuberculosis is a disease which not only effect the patient it also effect the surroundings and if it is not treated well and regularly this disease leads patient to death Daily major no. of people are dying because of this disease  in our country.

CETI –collaboration for elimination of T.B is well known NGO working particularly for eliminating T.B We are associated with CETI from 3 years and done several major awareness camps and activities .Recently CETI launched a program LKDB – “Lambi Khansi Dheema Bukhar” its a survey program in which word T.B will not be in use in order to considering the phobia so they have found Khajrana (large area of Indore) having population of more than two lacs is having maximum no. of positive cases so CETI and SWC organize a survey program under LKDB with 12 Female volunteers they have started the survey from Feb. 17 and till march 17 they have done a survey of 73000 people and found 315 suspects of TB they also manage their various test through Govt. hospital and if found positive they arrange treatment also and this process is ongoing.

Medi-Aid BOX:

It’s an innovative project of Sunni welfare committee, We medicines which are not in use and are not expired from different public places.

SWC have customized boxes in which a person can drop tablets and capsules .It is clearly mentioned in the boxes that not to drop expired or suspected medicines in Medi-aid Box. every month our volunteer  collect the medicine from the boxes and submit it to headquarter .our medical team scrutinize medicines very carefully and if they have any doubt or misprint they remove those medicines and the usable medicines then send to our clinics.



“Maharaja Yashwant Rao Holkar Hospital” is one of the biggest hospital of Madhya Pradesh people comes from different part of states for their treatment major part of the patient population is of poor and needy.

With the collaboration of Sunni Welfare Committee And PCT (A charitable Organization) a medical store has been set up which distributes free generic medicines to all the patient of M.Y .H .Store opens for only 2 hours and in that two hour daily more than 150 patient get benefit.

Every year almost 45000 patients got benefitted.

Pathology Collection Centre:

Diagnosis is a basic need for treatment and In slums due to lack of awareness it is very often when any doctor suggests diagnosis people never take it seriously and make themselves more critical and it is also not possible to open lab at every slum so to prevent this issue we collaborate with white crescent and by resolving this issue we have introduced a collection centre at very popular at Chandan Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

In collection centre trained person collects sample and bring it to labs where the sample got diagnosed and then the report is deliver to patient.

We have also implies 70 to 90 percent of discount at each test and lab does almost all the test.

Project started in March 17 that’s why we are not mentioning the data but as the centre started we got more than expected response




Medi help package is for those who are poor and cannot afford the basic medical charges which become mandatory for them because of any disease like Dylasis,or any regular medicines prescribed by

SOCIAL (2016-17)

Health is wealth is a universal truth, today government is already launching various projects and health schemes to prevent malnutrition and diseases but due to lack of awareness people are not getting benefits from these schemes so Sunni Welfare Committee collaborates with Government body, Charitable hospitals and Doctors and organizes medical health camp of various specialty in slums.


Share For Care - Monthly Ration kit distribution program

As we know that there are two categories in our society one comes out of their houses to seek help but the second category cannot, as per our research this second category is majorly belongs to “Old age” people

So we restricted this project for second category, our investigation team select and approve the needy after clearing this eligibility criterion beneficiary starts getting monthly ration kit.

It’s a project through which you can supply monthly basic food material with no physical effort  for complete one year to genuine needy ,what you have to do is just subscribe yourself annually under share for care package of worth Rs. 3600/- only.

The best part of our system is you will have all the information of your sponsored needy and monthly transaction.

Note : All the needy are eligible for Zakaat.

M&D - Medical and daily need

This project is synced with our “Share for Care”, so in order to understand medical and daily need you have to understand first share for care

Since beneficiaries of share for care got the basic food requirement but they also need medicine or daily need products like fuel, milk, bread etc so to fulfill this requirement we introduce medical and daily need project which provides sum of Rs.250/- Monthly to the beneficiaries.

The subscription of this package is 3000/- per annum.

Note: It’s not mandatory that we only include share for care beneficiaries there are some special cases under which we includes other.


Awareness Programs:

Awareness is a key to change the mind set of society, “Sunni Welfare Committee” organizes awareness programs to encourage people for education, employment and social responsibilities.

Some of the events under this project:

#Celebrating Republic day and Independence by hosting flag at a time at 145 area, we organizes rally with students, we distribute badges and flags with the message of


“Mazhab nahi sikhata apas mein ber rakhna hindi hai ham watan hai hindustan hamara”


Nasha mukti abhiyan


Pulse polio Abhiyan


Swach Bharat Abhiyan


School Chale Hum



It’s a self defense training program for girls, with the collaboration of Police department and Jwala organization. In this training program trainers teach girls how to protect themselves from anti social elements.

Intellectual meets

With great scholars of current age we organizes gathering of social workers, Teachers and people from different sector to encourage them to play their part for the development of society.



Police thanking cards:

At the time of 10th Moharram when large no. of police men performs their duties our teams appreciates and oblige them for their work by presenting a greeting card and chocolate.

Data Strength:

For the development of any society or any region we should have the data of that society or region

We have the datas of following:


#Media person

#social organization



And as per the project requirement we collect the data.



Sunni welfare committee committed to deliver the donation to the actual needy so in this project people donate dresses, winter clothes, food material, Books ,wheel chairs, etc


Dress Distribution


Dress & Course Distribution


Specks distribution


Wheel chair distribution


Winter Cloth Distribution


Food Packet Distribution


Sweet Water Project:

Water is the most basic need of every living being but still many areas are facing the scarcity of water Sunni welfare committee under this project arranges boring and motor to the chosen area, these borings are done by sponsorship plan since it is said “if u want to send the best rewards to your ancestors or yourselves just dig a well” so people believing on this saying sponsors the complete boring and by this noble deed 1000 of people gets water for their livelihood.

Rescue Mission:

A special rescue team is build at every flood prone zone so that any calamity happens this team immediately comes into effect  .This team is linked with disaster management to make easy for disaster management team to reach and provide possible help at crucial times.



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